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Self - inspection and common failure analysis of industrial roller mill

View: 13703/08/2022  

The design and selection of mixing device of industrial roller mill is closely combined with the purpose of mixing operation. Different mixing process, need different stirring device operation to achieve, in the design and selection, first according to the purpose and requirements of mixing process, determine the type of stirrer, motor power, mixing speed, and then choose reducer, frame, mixing shaft, shaft seal and other parts.

1. Choose the agitator type according to the technological conditions, stirring purpose and requirements. When choosing the agitator type, the dynamic characteristics of the agitator and the causal relationship between the flow state generated by the agitator and various stirring purposes should be fully understood.

2. According to the determined agitator type and the flow state of the industrial roller mill in the mixing process, the process of mixing time, sedimentation speed, dispersion control requirements, through experimental means and computer simulation design, determine the motor power, mixing speed, diameter of the agitator.

industrial roller mill

3. According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, select and determine the reducer model from the reducer selection table. If the reducer is selected according to the actual working torque, the actual working torque should be less than the allowable torque of the reducer.

4. According to the output shaft head D of reducer and the supporting mode of mixing shaft system, select the frame and coupling of the same model and specification as D.

5. Select shaft seal type according to do size of shaft head of rack mixing, installation accommodation space, working pressure and working temperature.

6. According to the installation form and structural requirements, the structure type of mixing shaft is designed and selected, and its strength and stiffness are checked.

7. Install the bottom cover, flange base or flange according to the nominal heart inch DN of the frame, the type of the mixing shaft and the pressure grade

8. Determine whether to configure auxiliary support according to the support and anti-vibration conditions.

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