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Let the three roll mills become the ideal choice for laboratory work.

View: 43410/26/2022  

The laboratory plays an important role because the vast majority of product development and research is done on a small scale. Therefore, laboratory-sized equipment plays a unique role in testing new processes for new materials with minimal financial investment. For the pharmaceutical, ink, and cosmetics industries, the lab three roll mills have become the ideal choice's development and research phase.


1. The lab three roll mills should have multi-function. For the above industries, since most laboratory-scale equipment is designed around this grinding mechanism, it will become a limiting factor in the post-laboratory environment if the function is too single. This is something no one wants to see. Therefore, if this particular device allows for rapid information transformation through its functional diversity, it will efficiently use the available development time. The lab three roll mills that we produce have the functions of electronic control, PLC system, touch screen, data recording and calling, which brings convenience and reliability for the development and research of the laboratory and Small Batch production.

2. The lab three roll mills should be flexible. The gaps and rotation speed of lab three roll mills are adjusted by the manual or digital control system, which the operator can change in operation, so that the flexibility of development and research can be greatly improved.

3. The lab three roll mills used in the experiment should be clean. It would be pointless if the laboratory grinder required much effort to disassemble and clean. Since product development means performing a large number of short runs at a given time, it is possible to clean laboratory equipment in a short time to prevent any cross-contamination between product runs. It is important to keep the project on schedule at the same time. The lab three roll mills that we produce have a clean function and is equipped with a spring tension knife to discharge more effectively.

4. The lab three roll mills should be safe and durable. It still doesn't make sense for the lab to run materials with frequent breakdowns and safety hazards. Even the most basic laboratory grinder is not cheap, so the equipment chosen should be durable enough to withstand years of processing without extensive maintenance. The export parts of our three-roller grinder are made of stainless steel. The material of the roller is cold hard alloy steel or zirconia, alumina, or silicon carbide, to ensure excellent wear resistance, high hardness and no pollution. The machine's exterior is coated with anti-dissolution paint to make the machine sparkle and prevent possible solute corrosion. High safety standards can be achieved through integrated electrical and mechanical overload protection and a prominent location emergency shutdown switch.

To sum up, in order to select the ideal lab three roll mills, it is recommended to conduct detailed discussions with equipment suppliers and material testing to ensure that the four features mentioned above meet your requirements.

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