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Zili horizontal bead mill workshop

View: 223709/26/2014  

Zili is a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of three roll mills, bead mills, dispersers, mixers throughout the world with substantial experience in the industry.

Over the years, we have served the industries of:

· Inks, Paints and Coatings

· Adhesives and Sealants

· Metal pastes and solders

· Cosmetics and Toiletries

· Foods

· Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

· Inks, pastes & thick films for electronic components

· Chemicals

· Decorative glass, ceramics, automotive and flat glass

· Cements

· Plastics, Polymers, Carbon Nanotubes and Composites

Precision and durability are two key principles for Zili machines. Uncompromised precision down to Nanometer range is critical to the durability of our equipment. Whether it’s a basic, electronic, or superfine model, Zili offers all the machines with the highest standards. Each piece of equipment is checked with meticulous care and thoroughly tested to exacting specifications before leaving the plants. It’s this commitment to top quality inspection standards that makes Zili’s products unrivaled.

Zili horizontal bead mill SW5 is packed up for shipment on March 1st.

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