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SH Granite three roller mill

SH Granite three roller mill
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  • Low production cost and high quality. SH granite three roll mill is ideal production equipment for plant protein in the market.
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    • SH405 Three roll mill
The product description

SH granite Three roll mill's rollers are made of natural granite. Based on traditional and modern technology processing, this three roll mill has many advantages for example anti acid, soda, corrosion. It can cool down naturally, won't react with material under process and pollute raw material. The milling fine can be less than 15um. The material can reach ideal fine and applicable for different Art pigment, Water based color paste, Paste raw material, Vanishing cream, Cosmetic pigment, Lipstick, Toothpaste, Boot cream, Daily chemical products, Paint, Coatings, Medical paste, Plant protein drinking, and so on. 

SH granite three roll mill is one of the most popular and imporlant production equipment in Food, Drinking and Chemical industry. Especially those plant protein drinking with good taste, no foreign taste. no deposit, and material use ratio can be over 98%. Low production cost and high quality. SH granite three roll mill is ideal production equipment for plant protein in the market. 

The type, specification and technology are same as other Three roll mill.


Roller diameter,mm65150200260405
working length,mm125300600675810

slow roller 



medium roller 



fast roller 


motor power,kw0.752.25.57.515

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