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Big flow pin horizontal bead mill

Big flow pin horizontal bead mill
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    • ZBN60 big flow horizontal bead mill
The product description

ZBN Nano Pin Type Bead Mill

Zili Nano pin-type bead mill with circulating grinding system is suitable for almost all products and different viscosities.

The smallest bead diameter is 0.1mm. Our machine can achieve the biggest output and nano-fineness quickly.

The smallest fineness can reach D97100nm.

Technical advantages: large flow, cycle grinding

  • A shorter, wider grinding chamber can reduce the flow inertia force

  • Process control is simple and convenient

  • Longer, larger separation system

  • The cycle grinding process continues until the quality requirement is met

  • High flow ensures efficient cycle operation

  • The low material temperature can be controlled

  • The grinding shaft can be cooled

  • Cooling and exchange systems can be added onto material tanks

  • High energy grinding system with a big force

  • One or more times pass type with bigger output

  • Small size machine with the same speed can reduce the material loss in refeeding process

  • Additional raw materials/additives in the formulation can be added during the milling process

Big flow pin horizontal bead mill

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